Friday, February 28, 2014

Cool Shit 2/28

Previously unheard Led Zeppelin tracks!

In honor of the Oscars this weekend, here's a look at the previous 85 Oscar winners ranked overall. Pretty sure there would be no debate about this list!

This alleged video of Supreme Court proceedings isn't exciting in and of itself, but it does raise awareness to the fact that it is illegal to video record the Supreme Court, which I feel is an antiquated law. After all, the proceedings are open to the public, so it's not a case of privacy or security. Perhaps we should allow recordings, to get a better understanding of the laws of this country?

Your True Detective links for the day! First, a theory on the possible ending, which I won't call a spoiler since it's just a theory, but it's decent; second, an interview with the creator of the show; and finally a look at the group behind the song played during the opening credits.

This is an awesome look back at the documentary American Movie. And if you haven't seen it, you definitely should. There's probably no better movie about making a movie in the 90s than American Movie.

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