Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cool Shit 2/18

Let's all listen to the latest Beck album!

I love the fact that there was a possibility of getting a Dune movie with a more fucked up vision than David Lynch had.

Ever wonder why there were exhaust ports on the Death Star to begin with?

Some props for Lipinski and Weir for their great figure skating coverage. I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments. They offer a refreshing take on the sport, that isn't simply Rah Rah American. And they offer insight, often in a creative and fun way.

The Civil War was full of mysteries. FULL OF THEM!

Pretty sure being buried alive is one of my least favorite ways to think about dying (not that I have a top 10 list of them or anything). So it's even more amazing that these 4 people had it happen to them and survived!

Like long classic rock jams? This link is for you.

More great photos from the Olympics.

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