Monday, February 17, 2014

Cool Shit 2/17

Really cool idea of pairing food with music. Specifically, a dinner with Radiohead's Kid A. Possibly the first time I've wished I lived in Detroit.

Good God there is such a level of pretentiousness within this article about what constitutes the great American novel, from both American authors and the author of the piece. That people sit around and think that other people actively think about this stuff (I'm talking normal people, not authors and critics) is insanely stupid. If the book is good, it's good. If it has a message that is digestible and intriguing, that will find the surface organically. So stupid.

Do you live in a above normal, normal or below normal area during this winter season?

Look, I love Robocop (the original) as much as the next person, but to place the label "Christ allegory" onto it seems a little heavy handed.

Hacking is still something people don't truly understand. Sure, there's the concept of hacking that we have from skimming news sources, hearing about it on the news and getting notifications about it from your service provider, but the common person on the street doesn't have any idea about how truly damaging it can be. Thankfully, this guy is trying to counter that.

Seems like that story about the real life castaway might be true?

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