Monday, February 24, 2014

Cool Shit 2/24

I love the Voynich manuscript because I believe it's basically one big prank, that was either perpetuated 100 years ago, or possibly even longer than that. And yet there are plenty of people still being pranked by it today.

I didn't think there was any way to make fruit more delicious. But apparently there are at least 14 more ways.

So the treasure room at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark - where the government stores the ark? It's apparently real. Unfortunately this article doesn't explain anything about access for the public.

More True Detective links. If they're out there, I'll keep finding them.

Not only is this news of Diego Maradona coming out of retirement to play professional soccer the best news from the weekend, it also gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite videos:

Not 100% sure what this article about fraternities is uncovering. Though I guess every 10 years or so we have to turn our attention to it and be outraged, and then forget about it for 10 years, and the cycle continues.

Insane. For the first time ever, humans can run a loop the loop. Also, we have GOT to come up with a better term than "loop the loop," as it really doesn't make sense when you think about it, and it sounds  kinda lame.

Sure, we have old west ghost towns, but China apparently has current ghost towns.

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