Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cool Shit 2/19

So here's what it feels like to luge. Well, visually anyway - I can't control the temperature or anything where you are, and I assume on a luge track it's colder than you're used to.

With the popularity of Google Earth, we don't really have to turn our cameras to the heavens to find more mysteries, we can turn it in on ourselves. I bet that says something really deep about us, but I'm not a sociology professor so I would have no idea.

In Norway apparently it's popular to climb up frozen waterfalls. Enjoy these photos as proof of the previous statement.

Looks like Uncle Milton has the monopoly on crazy toys at this years Toy Fair.

Photographic mysteries. While the headline is misleading (which, on the Internet is shocking to me), there are some cool, weird things going on in some of these photos, while there are some cool weird events documented in others.

Inventions made for a specific reason, that would greatly improve your life. Although the wine resealer seems stupid - doesn't everyone have a "Open the bottle finish the wine" rule in their house?

By now, if you're a True Detective fan (and you should be if you're not) you know that this season is self-contained and McConaghey and Harrelson won't be back. So it's obvious fun to think about actors for next season. While this list from Vanity Fair is mildly intriguing, I also think it's a little boring and cheeky. I wish they had put a little more effort in it other than pairing the biggest stars on the planet with who they perceived as wacky counterpart to them. Personally, I think John Goodman and anyone would work; I honestly think Sandra Bullock would be an inspired choice; I think if Joe Pesci wanted to act again he would hit a grand slam. And that's just off the top of my head. Who are your choices?

Female comedians everyone should know about. And let's stop pretending, or buying into the stupid notion that women can't be funny. Maybe they're not funny to you, but then if that's the case, you've got the problem, not them. Let's base humor on the individual and not the gender.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Marvel's strange screwball of a movie that, while loosely ties in with their main story web they've been creating, is also probably one of the bigger gambles since it involves a walking tree and a talking raccoon. And my reaction after this first trailer? It's not weird enough. It looks like nothing more than a standard, effects-laden summer movie.

Science fiction and fantasy are pretty big right now, which means you're going to be seeing a lot of it in the Fall television season.

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