Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best of Sirius (2/2)

This is the first in a new series of posts whose length will will hopefully be longer than one and will go up a couple of times per week.

I have an approximately 40 minute commute, but I also have the soothing tones of Sirius to keep me and my short attention span company.  To satisfy my twin goals of exposing myself to more music and post more often & more succinctly, I’m going to explore some of the musical highlights and lowlights in these posts.


After the jump, you’ll get some random thoughts and YouTube goodness pertaining to 3 of this morning’s favorite tunes.

Bob Seger “Shakedown”

I remember loving this song way back when it helped Beverly Hills Cop II make enough money to ensure Beverly Hills Cop III was a fait accompli.

It still holds up pretty well as a goofy 80s up-tempo song.

Wanna watch the original, slightly NSFW (a few strip club thong shots) video for this song with plenty of well-edited BHCII clips?  Here you go.   Favorite shots are the fake punch to the German guy’s chin and when he swings outside the truck holding on to the chains.

Wanna watch the same song with a bunch of actions shots from General Hospital?  Here you go.

Wanna watch a portly Seger in leather vest and headband?  Here you go.  I love the sax player in the trench coat, who apparently goes by the moniker “Alto Reed”.


Bruce Springsteen “Atlantic City”

This one would normally represent a bunch of spooky coincidences (the Super Bowl half-time show, me nailing 3/4ths of his set, and a loyal TPT reader sending out the clip of The Hold Steady covering AC this morning).  But Sirius has an all-Bruce channel and this song plays every couple of hours.

Still, it’s one of my favorite Bruce tunes.  It’s dark.  It starts off with the cheerful description of a mobster getting blowed up.  Blowed up real good.  And even the hopeful lines have been marinating in some bitter juices:

Everything dies, baby that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back…

Love may have died, love may be cold, but with you forever I’ll stay…

The Hold Steady’s version:


R.E.M. “Begin the Begin”

“Lifes Rich Pageant” is by far my favorite REM album.  The version in my head is still the one on a tape made by a fellow cook at the restaurant I worked at during high school.  The songs were out of order and I still hear the skips in “I Believe”.

Here’s Stipe & Vedder having a competition to see who can spasm the most unrhythmically:


Goose said...

Shakedown is awesome. The others? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

XM, as do I, looooves the Shakedown. You're busted!!!!!!!

Not thrilled that 5:28am today was the Emergency Broadcast Test. Lost most of my Lulu. She's all about thanking someone for taking her from crayons to perfume.