Friday, February 13, 2009

Links of interest 2/13

Movies that make you scratch your head. The usual suspects (notice the lowercase) are on here.

Cool pictures of how Japanese knives are made by hand.

A group of people who set out to create their own youtube-like business.

Let's play miniature golf! Who loves Putt Putt? Me. Almost as much as I love Putt Putt's commercials.

(Sorry I couldn't find the "Golf and Games" ad.)

2009 hasn't been great for these people.

Guess this means elevator rides will have the potential to get tense without the dulcet tones of vanilla covers of soft rock.

Movie monsters that aren't as scary as the the DVD box suggests. I'm a little this is the first time I'm hearing about The Gingerdead Man though.

What should the 7 Natural Wonders of the World really be?

Cupcakes are taking the nation by storm.

Hold the phone - it seems cupcakes might not have anything on Ferris Wheels.

Yes! So who’s got my pacifier? We’re gonna get our rave on!

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