Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Links of Interest 2/24

Just in time for two days after the Oscars, a look at some really bad acceptance speeches.

Greek guy breaks out of jail by grabbing rope ladder from a helicopter. What was he in jail for? Among other things, trying to escape jail by grabbing a rope ladder from a helicopter.

Funny public service announcements.

A look at the upcoming 2009-10 television landscape.

The mystery of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's do rag - solved. The answer? Glorified bed head.

Ghostbusters 3 news. Though I’m not happy the writer takes a swipe at Ghostbusters 2. Where else would we get to see Viggo? Don’t answer that.

Think you need a fancy camera to take good pictures? Think again.
Writer Michael Lewis talks about what it's like to write.

A 3 page article about how airlines should board their passengers on a plane? Alright, I'm in.

The most famous (angry) movie critic you've never heard of. Because he hates movies.

Advice columnist fight!

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