Thursday, February 12, 2009

Links of Interest 2/12

Woman swims across the Atlantic.

Or does she? 250 miles? What is this, amateur hour?

Ok, you want to get nuts about time? Let's get nuts about time.

Oh those wacky Japanese with their fetishes.

Humans aren't the only ones to use tools.

I'm in the wrong business. Though I guess if I were in the human trafficking business, I could say the same thing - from my car made out of gold!

The idea of shark repellants just sounds made up.

The case of the poisoned peanut butter. What happened, how it happened and how it was exposed. Encyclopedia Brown would be so proud!

Ok, no jokes about a pot o' gold here.

The Amish might not be so Amish after all.

A closer look at that 819 billion dollar stimulus package - in chart form!

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