Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Links of Interest 2/3

I really have no problem with product placement. In fact, I think it's weird when there isn't a product I know in the shot. I also don't have a problem with products finding their way into shows I watch - as long as it's done in a creative way. I think the MacGruber ads accomplish that.

The Artie Lange expose from Rolling Stone.

Free play is important for your children. Especially for their developing creativity.

Google has its enemies.

Ten things Obama should immediately address left over from the Bush era.

I love me a good boat story full of peril.

Science fiction is that much closer to becoming reality.

Building, and then living on, islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Fighting the urge to make joke about nipples.

Google Ocean, so we can now see how the fish people live.

What chain restaurant has the best Buffalo wings?

Fall in love with it all over again - The Beastie Boys' have remastered Paul's Boutique.

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