Thursday, February 19, 2009

Links of Interest 2/19

A ghost town zoo. It's like 12 Monkeys without the animals running around on the desolate highways. Ok, so it's nothing like 12 monkeys.

Finally, a super group worthy of the "super" moniker.

Profile of a shoplifter. A fashion shoplifter.

So this guy thinks he pinpointed Bin Laden's location. And it isn't Morgan Spurlock!

Hear about that porn stuff that happened during the Super Bowl in Arizona? Here's a detailed look at what happened.

How the current mood of the US (read - gloomy) can affect us all.

A guy finds an abandoned caravan in the woods. Or so he thought.

While I hate Miracle Whip, this is a cautionary marketing tale for businesses – especially in this current economy.

How to make the delicious salty/sweet treat kettle corn.

Shadowing a model during New York's Fashion Week.

How the economic crash might affect us in the future.

The positives of Grand Theft Auto.

Micropayments is the idea that people will pay a small amount of money to download something. Buying music from Itunes is a adequate example. With the newspaper industry on its last legs, there’s support to try this model with papers. Here’s a prediction on whether it could work or not.

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