Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Links of Interest 2/18

Live in a city? Odds are you have brain damage. Or something like that.

If you're traveling over to the Philippines, this will help you figure out what to eat over there.

So this suggests we might be the virus on Mother Gaia, and she's fighting back however she can.

Worse than the bacontini? Pictures don't lie. Nor does the horrific description.

Apparently Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the US. Drugs. It's all about drugs.

Taking a closer look at how Obama speaks and seeing why we all feel so good when he does it.

After reading this, leeching doesn't sound so bad. At least I didn't have to drink the blood.

Learn how to become the leader of the group.

The antiquated space shuttle program is soon to be retired. Take a look at what's going to replace it.

Now scientists might be looking into the theory about aliens starting our chain of life. Cue up the X-Files!

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