Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arrested Development update

Though you have to suffer through a little bit of 90210 stuff, here's a great interview with Jessica Walter - otherwise known as Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.

Take a look here.

From how she speaks, it's definitely a done deal, and there's still no word about Michael Cera's involvement. C'mon Michael, get on board and make this the best movie ever!


Anonymous said...

I confess, I was sucked in at first to the "new" 90210 trying to relive old glories of the cheese I used to love.

This was really more nostalgic to me cause I used to go over my HS gf's house on Thursday to watch. I was really waiting for Melrose Place to start so I could try and get some...

I think it was more a Pavlov thing with the new one, I kept thinking I was getting some after the episode...when i didn't I lost interest in the show.

Goose said...

No shame in 90210 watching. At least the original. I was definitely a Melrose guy though - Sidney? Sign me up!