Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get excited for Lost!

It's no secret we here at The Popcorn Trick are lost fanatics (just check out some of the podcasts for proof). And as some promos and sneak peeks start hitting the 'net, we decided to round some up for your enjoyment, and see what clues, if any we might be able to find.

This video gives us a look at the Kate and Aaron situation:

Now, I don't know about you, but based on Kate's history (and it has to be well documented right now), if those guys who showed up at her door didn't at least leave a man back to keep an eye on Kate in case she decided to run) well, they should at least be reprimanded. Kate's immediate thought when faced with any trouble is to run, which makes me think these guys are part of a ruse to actually make her run. Possibly to find someone else? Could they be Whitmore agents trying to smoke out Ben? Or possibly it's Ben's doing, to get Kate back to the island? I know no matter what I suggest, it will be wrong, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to do so.

On the flip side - more promos...

Let's first take a look at some of the promos ABC has been piecing together in anticipation of the new season...

Is that Ethan holding a rifle on Locke? This guy has more lives than Rasputin! It does allow me to hold out hope that we'll see Keamy again. Also, the explosions in the water suggest there are a few more booby traps on this island we might not know about.

Nothing much going on here except one little clue (or possible delusion). Now, if my memory serves me well, (and it oftentimes doesn't) Sawyer was on the beach shirtless getting drunk with Juliet - and yet in this promo, we see Sawyer (still shirtless and sexy) along with a few others (Harraday, Juliet) are hanging out in the jungle at night when it appears there's another bright light (just like when the island disappeared). Could it happen again? Red herring? Me making things up?

Here's the promo that tugs at the heartstrings. While I'm not too interested in the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle, I realize it has become a pretty significant part of the show. And what happens between the point where it seems Sun understands what Jack did (at the freighter I assume) and when Jack is at the casket when he says Sun blames him for everything?

And finally, here's a wrap up of a Q & A the Lindelof and Cuse did. While it doesn't get into too much detail of what is going to happen, it sheds a little light on their process and why things happen on the show. Take a look here.

And if you take nothing else away from all this, know this. On January 21, the new season starts, and we will become awesomely frustrated all over again when they tease more answers. I can't wait.


hendge said...

Funny how the "Where we going Mommy" clip is played in all of them to insinuate that Kate's leaving to go back to the island. Then you see that first clip you posted and you realize how manipulative trailers can be.

Bold predictions:
- You will not see Keamy again
- Jin is not dead
- They'll eventually test Kate's blood and it WILL match Aaron's
- Did anyone say time loop yet?

Goose said...

I think a bolder prediction would be that we WILL see Keamy again.

I would have added more time loop theory but figured it was too obvious.