Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 16 NFL Lines

My apologies, but I mistakenly overwrote this post while trying to get Week 17 lines up. The gist was that I accused Goose of being hypocritical by doing the same things (not entertaining with the picks post, basing picks on the other's picks) that he had accused me of doing earlier this season.

The comments persist as does Goose being wrong.


Goose said...

I'm not sure I understand - the two things you accused me of doing, you did earlier in the year. So to say I am wrong for doing it, are you saying you were wrong for doing it before me? I mean please, you even had people post and defend your actions.

It's a muddy pool you're swimming in. At least I didn't post my picks in a comment section.

With that, I choose Jacksonville for the evening's contest.

Cline said...

Did I mail in a picks post or 2 when time was short? Sure. But again I at least provided some level of entertainment and moving pictures of attractive women.

And I thought Drew resolved any question of whether I was cheating. Good luck trying to tackle that bastion of honest-face-having.

Regardless of my alleged transgressions, you blatantly employ the very same tactics you once railed against. It's amazing what we as a species are capable with the wall against our backs.

"Muddy pool", huh? Is that an a shout-out to our generation's greatest unpublished masterpiece?

Goose said...

I'm pretty sure the only reason you've raised the issue is because you suddenly started to sweat a little, and you're just not sure why.