Friday, December 5, 2008

Links of Interest 12/5

I never really understood the appeal of those huge deli sandwiches. Next to impossible to eat, it seems to me you're just buying the novelty of having a lot of lunch meat on some bread. I guess you can save it and eat it later, which they suggest here, but still I can only imagine the waste of food simply because some tourist wants to eat at Carnegie Deli.

Stay up to date on your global real time! (Note to self - cancel that trip to Turkey)

They Live is a small littel cult film known mostly for the line, "Put on the fuckin glasses!" and a fight scene between two guys that has seen no rival. So news of a remake is met with some trepidation. I need Rowdy Roddy Piper involved somehow, and I need a fight in an alley that at least comes close to the original. (Hollywood Reporter)

I love how the people in these photos are so nonchalant about wading through rough surf in Venice. It's as though it's a daily occurrence. I mean, apparently it happens more often than you think, but still.

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