Monday, December 1, 2008

Links of Interest 12/1

What's more important: how to run a con, or how to prevent a con being run on you? Methinks whatever you decide says something about you. (from Fimoculous)

It used to be hip to hate on the things people like. Now I guess it's cool to be kind of whatever about things people like. There's no way I can keep up. Enjoy the article on 30 Rock and make your own conclusions. (from The New Yorker)

Enjoy your Norwegian Black Metal? Or perhaps you need an introduction into the scene. Here you go. (LA Weekly)

I just watched JFK for the umpteenth time this weekend, and then I stumble across this link. Coincidence, or something more? (Vanity Fair)


hendge said...

There was a bunch of JFK stuff on in the past week or so with the anniversary of the shooting and all. I happened to catch the 2 hour doc that Peter Jennings did some years back that basically took all the conspiracy theories one at a time and tried to debunk them. I have to say that most of it was pretty convincing and by the end I was sure that LHO was the lone shooter. But doesn't that seem to always be the case with JFK -- the most recent thing you see/hear/read seems to be the most convincing? There's so little concrete fact, it seems easy to mold what there is to fit your favorite theory. I guess the one thng we can most agree on is that Stone made a great movie -- but that his film, at least, is much more fiction than fact.

Goose said...

Yeah, I remember going to see JFK in the theater and being blown away by it, and then the disappointment and con I felt when I heard a lot of the facts were fiction.

I know there's also a book out there by Bugliosi (DA who got Manson convicted) who spent something like the last 75 years going over the case and debunking all the theories. Might ask for it for Christmas, just to get more info.

Cline said...

The writer of the 30 Rock piece lost me when she said Fey was better than Norm at Weekend Update. Feh.

Goose said...

Yeah I saw no need to take the swipe at Norm. I also think there weren't a lot of people that got Norm's humor - but at least he was trying something different.