Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week 17 NFL Lines

I'll use this space to echo Goose's wish that you enjoy whichever regional/ethnic customs you celebrate at the end of the fourth quarter.

Here's another Xmas song that doesn't suck.  It wasn't around when I made the compilation in this post, but it easily would've made it if I had.

It's a collaboration between (surprise) Marah and author/NPR contributor/Pixar voice artist/Naughty Nottie Sarah Vowell.

She wrote the lyrics and Marah did the rest.  It's a weird mix of treacle, patriotism, and gore as they recount the struggles of the American forces during the Revolutionary War and tell kids today that they don't have it that bad in comparison.  Even cheesesteaks get a shout-out:

Christmas in Valley Forge

Week 16 Records:

Cline -- 8-8 (-$160) (LOTW=L -- BDCS=L)
Goose -- 8-8 (-$160)

Overall Records:

Cline -- 117-88-4 (.571) +$810 (LOTW=6-7 -- BDCS=7-6)
Goose -- 107-98-4 (.522) -$1190


  • Sunday, Dec. 28
    • St. Louis at Atlanta (-14.5)
    • Jacksonville at Baltimore (-12.5)
    • Oakland at Tampa Bay (-13)
    • Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-10.5)
    • New England (-6.5) at Buffalo
    • Kansas City at Cincinnati (-3)
    • Detroit at Green Bay (-9.5)
    • Chicago at Houston (-2.5)
    • Tennessee (-3) at Indianapolis
    • N.Y. Giants at Minnesota (-6.5)
    • Carolina (-3) at New Orleans
    • Miami at N.Y. Jets (-2.5)
    • Dallas at Philadelphia (-1.5)
    • Seattle at Arizona (-6)
    • Denver at San Diego (-8)
    • Washington at San Francisco (-3)

    My Thursday Pick:

    STUFFING (-3.5) at Mashed Potatoes

    I love both teams, but when Stuffing is on their game, they can't be touched.


    110 years ago, some English guy made this film in a weekend.  Not bad:



    My Christmas present to Goose, some Kwanzaa Afro-funk:


    And my present to myself:
    Hanukkah Harry!

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    Anonymous said...

    Cline is trying to gain my allegiance with his blogs containing a Marah reference...

    All I want in football this weekend from baby jesus' b-day is an improbable Oakland win and Giants scrubs win or Houston pride win...the hardest thing I want is an eagles over dallas win.