Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week 15 NFL Picks with Goose - Is that a fat lady I see?

I'm a realist. I see that delicious sushi dinner/case of Schlitz slipping through my fingers. I'm not an idiot. The odds of me coming back to win this thing are remote.

But to paraphrase Lloyd Christmas - I still have a chance.

And that's why I've hastily culled my picks together and thrown them up on the blog for week 15. Sure, I could easily fold and accept Cline's pseudo-gracious mercy rule and simply not do this anymore.

But that wouldn't be sporting, and I don't want to be considered the Detroit Lions.

I will say I surely hope no one is actively trying to use my picks to make money. Unless they are choosing the opposite of what I pick, then bully for you.

Anyway, I've gone back to the drawing board this week and because the door is still minutely open for me to squeak through and still win, well doggone it I'm gonna give it a go.

On the flip side - the picks!

I think I've come across some interesting statistical information that is going to help me make my picks this week. It was a challenge to implement for each game, but I think I did it. For each game I will give my thoughts on how I came up with the pick. As always, picks are CAPITALIZED, and bold.

TAMPA BAY @ Atlanta -3

Because Cline took Atlanta.

Seattle @ ST. LOUIS -3

Because Cline took Seattle.

BUFFALO @ Jets -8

Because Cline took the Jets.

SAN FRANCISCO @ Miami -6.5

Because Cline took Miami.

PITTSBURGH @ Baltimore -2

Because Cline took Baltimore.

DENVER @ Carolina -7.5

Because Cline took Carolina.

Washington @ CINCINNATI +7

Because Cline took Washington.

Tennessee @ HOUSTON +3

Because Cline took Tennessee.

Detroit @ INDIANAPOLIS -17

Because Cline took Detroit.

Green Bay -1.5 @ JACKSONVILLE

Because Cline took Green Bay.

SAN DIEGO -5.5 @ Kansas City

Because Cline took Kansas City.

MINNESOTA @ Arizona -3

Because Cline took Arizona.

New England -7.5 @ OAKLAND

Because Cline took New England.

NY Giants @ DALLAS -3

Because Cline took the Giants. But I'm really rooting for a 0-0 tie.

CLEVELAND @ Philly -14

Because Cline took Philly and Ken Dorsey is due. Right?

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