Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 15 NFL Lines

This is getting kind of sad. It's not even that fun to gloat any more.

It's like when you're MMA fighting some guy and you're just wailing on him. His face is a bloody jambalaya of cartilage and regret, and you just feel so good about yourself as an MMA fighter and a man. You know that feeling? It's a good feeling. But then you turn your head to crack your neck and just outside the octagon you see an empty wheelchair with your victim's name spelled out in rhinestones. Now you're just beating a cripple, possibly a retarded cripple. Now you've lost your violence boner.

That's kinda what this is like.

It's not even a question of whether I'm going to win at this point, it's more a question of whether I can win by 20 games.

Goose, if you want to create and then invoke a mercy rule, let me know.

Week 14 Records:

Cline -- 9-7 (+$40) (LOTW=L -- BDCS=W)
Goose -- 6-10 (-$560)

Overall Records:

Cline -- 103-72-2 (.589) +$1330 (LOTW=6-5 -- BDCS=6-5)
Goose -- 91-84-2 (.520) -$1070


  • Thursday, Dec. 11
    • New Orleans at Chicago (-3)
  • Sunday, Dec. 14
    • Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-3)
    • Seattle at St. Louis (-3)
    • Buffalo at N.Y. Jets (-8)
    • San Francisco at Miami (-6.5)
    • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2)
    • Denver at Carolina (-7.5)
    • Washington (-7) at Cincinnati
    • Tennessee (-3) at Houston
    • Detroit at Indianapolis (-17)
    • Green Bay (-1.5) at Jacksonville
    • San Diego (-5.5) at Kansas City
    • Minnesota at Arizona (-3)
    • New England (-7.5) at Oakland
    • N.Y. Giants at Dallas (-3)
  • Monday, Dec. 15
    • Cleveland at Philadelphia (-14)

My Thursday Pick:

New Orleans at CHICAGO (-3)

Not that I have a feel for either of these teams, but I like the Bears at home on a slow track with snow, potentially.


I'm simultaneously psyched and also kicking myself about the new Two Cow Garage CD I just got in the mail. Psyched because, hey, it's a new TCG album. Kicking myself because it's apparently been out since September. Stupid Cline.

It sounds good the first couple of times through. It's something of a shame that they're getting away from what drew me to them in the first place, which is the hard-driving up-tempo numbers with lead singer Micah Schnabel's raspy vocals. But it's also a sign that their songwriting and musicianship is improving. And they kick ass live, so it's all good. Unfortunately (for them), I've seen them 3 times and I think the combined audience would be in the low 30s. And that's counting 3 Clines.

The highlights for me so far are "Your Humble Narrator", "Bastards & Bridesmaids", "Skinny Legged Girl", & "Swingset Assassin".

You can listen to the entire album streaming here:

And a Mixtube playlist of all the vids below can be found here:

This is a live version of Skinny Legged Girl that I've been listening to for months. Catchy as hell, and the little kid on stage with them is cute as hell. If I ever procreate (Johnny Law easing up on the mandatory saltpeter would help), I'd want the little bastard to be as cool as this one:

"Your Humble Narrator" :

Probably my favorite TCG song ("No Shame") and a bracing Beatles cover ("Oh Darling"):
"Postcards & Apologies" & "Should've California" off of "III"
"Come Back to Shelby" off of "III"
"Great Gravitron Massacre" off of "The Wall Against Our Backs"

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Goose said...

I'll take the opposite of what Cline takes. In fact, put me down for the opposite of what Cline takes this weekend.