Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week 16 NFL Picks With Cline -- I Miss Nadav Henefeld

The NFL season and the calendar year 2008 and Goose's chances to pull this out are all winding down. 

To honor all of that, some of the best pictures of 2008 will accompany my pick.  These all come from's The Big Picture.  This great site puts out 2-3 high-quality collections of pictures revolving around a theme every week.  They've collected the best of 2008 into 3 different volumes and are well worth checking out.

Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Props go to Goose for originally pointing me The Big Picture's direction.  And you can get their posts as an RSS feed here.

Now onto Week 16 in the league where they play... FOR PAY!

Week 15 Records:

Cline -- 6-8-2 (-$360) (LOTW=L -- BDCS=W)
Goose -- 8-6-2 (+$40)

Overall Records:

Cline -- 109-80-4 (.577) +$970 (LOTW=6-6 -- BDCS=7-5)
Goose -- 99-90-4 (.524) -$1030


INDIANAPOLIS (-6.5) at Jacksonville

I'm up a game already this week.  Thankfully the NFL's staging of these only-on-a-channel-no-one-gets classics resulted in my favor.  Speaking of something I'm pretty sure is staged, here's a pic from some alleged South African police crackdowns.  If this guy is really injured, why are none of the photographers helping him.  That straw and rock surrounding him are a little too well arranged for my liking.



BALTIMORE at Dallas (-4)

Disgusting story of the week.

Arousing story of the week.



MIAMI (-4) at Kansas City 

Yes, the Chefs have been playing well lately, but I have to go with the team that needs the game more.  Note that this will be a recurring them this week.

This wasn't one of the Best of 2008, but it was one of my favs.  It currently is my desktop at work.  You have to love a city whose reaction to floods are hip waders and drinks.



ATLANTA at Minnesota (-3)

This game flummoxed me.  Both teams have been playing well recently.  As well as he's played, I think Ryan has a rookie stinker in him.  This could be the week, going on the road against a good defense.  But then I realized Tavaris Jackson was behind center for the Vikings.  Decision made.

This game could be played as fast as a bunch of flying Kenyans:



Arizona at NEW ENGLAND (-8)

I've done well taking Arizona at home and avoiding them on the road.  This goes double with them going in the shitter since they clinched the division and triple with the Pats needing this game.

This week I'm avoiding them like a Pakistani motorcycle acrobat:



New Orleans (-7) at DETROIT

Another one I struggled with since I think that Detroit will win one of their last two games.  I know Brees will be trying to put up some #s to possibly break Marino's record, but I'll take my chances.

This one makes me giggle:



Cincinnati at Cleveland (-3)

Gah.  The only thing worse than this game would be someone taking inspiration from Wild Wild West.  The only thing worse than that would be if they were French.



Carolina at N.Y. GIANTS (-3)

Maybe I'm crazy, but I gotta think the Giants right the ship this week. And yes, I'm going against Carolina again, even though they keep proving me wrong.

I'm gonna take the plunge with the G-Men.



PHILADELPHIA (-5) at Washington

The Skins are done, and the Eagles are setting their fans up for a fall next week in Dallas.

At least they aren't as out of place as this guy:



Pittsburgh (-2) at TENNESSEE

The  Steelers luck runs out this week.

This is a striking image, even though a similar one was recently used in a Valkyrie trailer.  Speaking of which, Cruise should not be the lead in that movie.  It's a cool story, but every time I see the trailer, I don't think "hey, this could be a good Nazi movie", I think "hey, there's Tom Cruise in an eye patch".



San Francisco (-5) at ST. LOUIS

Double gah.  To make up for thinking about this travesty, here's a cute blonde in space.




Buffalo at DENVER (-7)

Stick a fork in the Bills.  And here's two awesome horse pictures in honor of the Broncos:





N.Y. JETS (-4.5) at Seattle

I have no confidence in this pick.  None.  I do have confidence that this guy is awesome.



HOUSTON (-7) at Oakland

This guy makes most denizens of Oakland's Black Hole look like pussies.



San Diego at TAMPA BAY (-3)

Both teams need this game, but San Diego doesn't deserve to reap the benefits of that desperation.  What does that mean?  I don't know.  I just like looking at people putting plastic balls in a lake.



Green Bay at CHICAGO (-4)

I'm off the Green Bay juice.  Which means they'll probably win this game.  To close this week, I'll give you a sense of how I'm gonna feel next week when this epic battle concludes.



Goose said...

Wow - not even a shout out for bringing the Big Picture to your attention? I'm hurt.

Cline said...

Props go to Goose for originally pointing me The Big Picture's direction.

Were you expecting flowers?

Goose said...

well with all the vitriol directed at me, I thought the least you could have done was point out I'm not always the devil you have painted me to be.

And flowers would have been nice...