Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The top Christmas inspired music videos!

Ok, so the title might be slightly misleading, because it's not just a list of MTV style videos, though they have their share on here. No, I'm defining the videos on this list as ones that "truly invoke the Christmas spirit in a completely bizarre yet truly hilarious manner."

And if you have a problem with that, you can make your own list. But I don't think you will, because this list includes awesome holiday sweaters, rapping, Patrick Swayze and Rasheed Wallace. How's that for a tease?

On the flip side... the list!

8. Jingle Bells - Rasheed Wallace and some other Detroit Pistons

I'm guessing/hoping that the Detroit Pistons thought getting these four players would be a good idea to deliver a holiday message. That or it was part of their community service for violations they had against the NBA. I gotta give it to Rasheed Wallace, the man knows how to have fun. From the information I can gather, the other Pistons in this video are: Will Blalock, Jason Maxwell, Amir Johnson, 3 guys who have never been in my kitchen. I will say I appreciate watching the varying levels of enthusiasm on their faces as they go through the motions for this video.

7. A Patrick Swayze Christmas - MS3TK

Who knew Tom Servo (the bubble gum machine robot for those unfamiliar with MS3TK) had such a beautiful voice? And who knew the movie Road House could inspire such beauty on Christmas?

6. Merry Christmas Baby - The Ramones

Leave it to The Ramones to slap a leather skirt on Christmas take her out and have their way with it. Stay for the completely bizarre ending that involves a toilet and a guy who may or may not have a shaving cream beard.

5. 12 Days of Christmas - John Denver and the Muppets

I don't know about you, but when I think Muppets, I can't help but think about Christmas. And this video pretty much encapsulates what both are about.

4. Rock n Roll Christmas - George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers

Quite possibly the hippest Christmas party you'll ever witness. If Thorogood ever gives up the music gig, he's got a bright future in party planning.

3. Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC

No list is complete without the tour de force Run DMC gave us in 1987. I'm pretty sure this is the first Christmas song I ever enjoyed, or at least the only song that doesn't drive me into a homicidal rage after hearing it more than twice during the season.

2. Jingle Bell Rock - Hall and Oates

Hall & Oates have a fantastic history for awesome videos that is criminally overlooked by the public (I mean seriously, can anyone tell me what is going on here?) Their Christmas video is no exception. From the fantastic sweaters to the people looking in on the Christmas scene getting drunk outside on the lawn, this video is full of surprises. I guess we're supposed to assume Hall and Oates live together in the house, right?

1. Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid

You've obviously heard this and probably seen it, but that doesn't mean it isn't still funny. Actually, it is pretty amazing that the whole thing was pulled off in 48 hours, including getting Boy George to fly in on the Concorde - because what would this have been without Boy George?
If for no other reason, watch this for all the awesome hair. Other thoughts as I sit, watching this:
  • Collins is drumming with so much feeling, you can see the sheen of sweat building up between his nose and upper lip.
  • I'm pretty sure George Michael and Simon LeBon have the hair stylist.
  • I'm also getting the vibe that Sting isn't thrilled to be sharing a mic with LeBon.
  • I love the business casual approach of this whole thing: Collins' argyle sweater, Boy George's blazer, etc.
For a complete list of the people involved (including the huge Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet fame) click here.

Comments? Let us hear 'em!

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Anonymous said...

Oates & Hall video is my favorite Christmas video of all time.

Great use of the mistletoe by Alan Hunter in the Thorogood video.