Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Year in Review - in links!

In addition to this dazzling blog, I sent out a daily collection of links I find interesting/amusing/insert your own adjective to a small group of people with mixed results.

The "Links of Interest" thrown up here randomly is a small sampling usually of what comes from that day. Anyway, recently I've been going through them, culling my favorites, and I've decided to share them. I hope you enjoy...

On the flip side: the first batch!

Michael Ian Black is a funny guy.
This proves it.

Drugs are bad. Drugs are good. Whatever your stance is on them, this article is a must read for everyone to see just how fucked up our government is when it comes to how to handle the problem. Rolling Stone really outdid itself.

Zach Galifinackis is funny. So is Michael Cera (unless he doesn't do the Arrested Development movie in which case he's painfully unfunny). The two of them together gave us this. I wish Between the Ferns was a real television show.

It's been described as the longest unedited fight scene from a movie. And I read that on the Internet, so who am I to argue? It looks like the movie is called The Protector (USA translation) or Ong Bak 2 (the Thailand title).

3 guys go about creating the D-Day battle using costumes, props, computers and themselves.

Whether you've recently been convicted of a sex crime, or are just simply interested in prison life, this article is a good read.

Could you bask in the waters at the top of Victoria Falls?

It's fun to go back now and see what was included and omitted from Indy IV in these script speculations. I especially enjoy the author's distaste for the refrigerator/atomic blast stunt.

This happened. In the United States. Within the last two years. It's frightening to think how difficult it could be to prove your innocence of a crime if the police/district attorney think you're guilty.

This might be my favorite story of the year. When ships capsize, the cargo becomes a treasure. And there are people out there willing to take huge risks to get this treasure. Read the tale of some of these men here.

I will always love me a good
con story. Especially one involving the Kennedys - however indirect that link may be.

A Japanese version of "We are the World?" Yes please. I've gotta go with Lauper as being the best here.

Lee Marvin is a badass. 60's movies are badass. Put them together and you get badass.

It must have been cool to simply learn something and then get hired by a super rich company (at the time) and told to work on a super cool project. In fact, just read this to see how cool (and uncool I guess at the end).
I always knew Corey Feldman was insane. Here's proof. Stay for all 6 parts. It's worth it to hear about how awesome Lost Boys II is (was?) going to be.

What's it like in the Skywalker ranch? This guy got to find out.

Jackie Chan was not much more than a pratfall actor when he finally came over to the US with his movies. By then, too old and broken down to show off his ingenuity, he got a moderate level of success before fading away. Fortunately, we have the Internet to see just how legendary some of his work was.

Stay tuned for more end of the year links - coming soon!

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