Monday, December 22, 2008

More 'Arrested Development' movie news

How do you get information on a much (relatively speaking) anticipated movie quite possibly in the works?

You go to the source.

And that's exactly what Fancast did when speaking with Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development.

Some of the more interesting tidbits...

  • Contrary to some belief, Will Arnett is not a hold-out and is "gung ho" to get started.
  • There's no script yet.
  • Ideas for the movie include, picking up right where the show left off, becoming a "film within a film," or possibly being a prequel.
  • Even if a film doesn't happen, it doesn't mean the end of the Bluth family.

For a complete look at the article, click here.

My thoughts?

I don't like the idea of a prequel - I never think it's easy to reverse time on characters we already know. A film within a film is rife with potential and could be mined for comedic nuggets for years. But I'm still not sure that's the direction it should go either. Feels almost too much like a one note joke.

I had never heard that Will Arnett was possibly holding out. In my mind, his involvement is more important than Michael Cera's, though I'm sure some of you would disagree. But GOB was the perfect foil for Michael, and was also the reason for many of the family's mishaps. Glad to see Arnett is on board.

As for Michael Cera still holding out possibly, I hope he finally signs on. While I think he could be "off at college," and not hurt the movie too much, I'd still like to see all my favorite characters back for the movie.

Thoughts? Post 'em if you got 'em.


Cline said...

C'mon... Everyone loves prequels.

If Cera won't do it, just recast him with the most offensive person you could find. Robert Blake's not doing anything, is he?

Goose said...

...or get a real doll.