Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back on the Podcasting Horse

You wouldn't know it, but The Popcorn Trick started out as a podcast. After a 5-month, authorities-imposed hiatus, we are back with Episode 10.009. There will be a much more detailed post full of streaming audio, video, and weird links, but for now get yourself over to iTunes and either (a) update your TPT podcast entry or (b) SUBSCRIBE!

There's links on the right in the "Our Podcast" section that will walk you through this surprisingly easy process.



khop said...

Overall, v. nice job, boys.

Goose, while I heartily applaud the throwing of one of your best friends under the bus in such a fantastic fashion (fantastic because not only did you do it once, but repeatedly as the podcast progressed, pouring salt mixed with Sparks in the wound), your strategy was not entirely perfect. First, because you did not site as your default “The Best” the news that you and your wife are expecting your second child, you (as you, yourself, pointed out) made yourself vulnerable to pointed retaliation. Which, btw, Cline didn’t take advantage of to the extent he could have (perhaps our young protagonist does indeed have a soul?). Second, because it was so clearly a catch 22. Option 1: He stands firm and goes with the Harlem jazz club, fun can be had at all the trouble he’ll land himself in. (And I must say you played beautifully on his tendency to dig his heels in, with every twist of the knife from you resulting in him taking the bait and digging himself a little deeper.) Option 2: He proactively or reactively sites his wooing of his lady friend as his The Best, and you now get to spend the rest of the podcast and eternity casting him as a pussy-whipped douchebag, who has gone soft, lost commitment to the bit, and compromised the comedic and artistic integrity of The Popcorn Trick (if there was some to begin with). And probably has had his brain replaced by aliens. Traditionally, when the guy goes for option 2, it never turns out well for the lady involved (man gets yelled at by boss, goes home and kicks the dog/ man gets made fun of by friends, goes home and beats the lady friend), so thank you, Cline, for going with option 1.

Now don’t mishear me and think that I’m defending the guy who probably should’ve stopped at “My next segment is titled “My The 2nd Best” instead of spiraling downwards with “My The Top 5”. I’m just calling it as I see it.

I do think it’s worth mentioning here that my “The Best” probably would have to be the spa day I had recently, a dream-come-true for me and probably most ladies on the planet (including the ~3.25 single ladies that read/listen to The Popcorn Trick, .25 of which is probably crushed at this new possibility that Cline may not be single, despite what his *cough* facebook status reads. Don’t worry ¼ lady! You still got a shot! Especially, since this morning I got good look into what the years ahead might bring upon meeting “Future Cline” at the backdoor Wawa. Future Cline did actually wink at me. I gave him a pretty good stink eye back. All this is far beside the point.). Last weekend in Vegas I spent roughly 6 hours being massaged, steamed, exfoliated, nail painted, styled and airbrushed, secretly wondering upon leaving the spa if I’d stumbled on a new addiction to false eyelashes. I don’t expect you boys to understand.

Lastly, don’t worry, Cline, baby. I’m 97% sure that you probably, most likely would’ve ended up in Kchop’s “The Top 5” as well. Where in that Top 5 you would’ve landed in relation to these fabulous new Organic Fiber Bars I just discovered at Whole Foods is somewhat debatable. But that’s neither here nor there…

Goose said...

I will noncharacteristically talk briefly take on your points:

1. I prefer not to speak to specifically about certain family stuff to an (admittedly small) audience on a public medium. I believe I even insinuated that much on the broadcast. Call it a copout, but the closest I like to get is mentioning Bodhi occasionally.

2. While I'm not sure as to my reaction (actually I am since I had been thinking about it earlier in the day mentioning that and therefore probably would have given him kudos for proving me wrong by bringing it up; I obviously didn't think he would) I do know that in many other instances in the past I have given honest reactions to things on the podcast, possibly to the detriment of the comedy and integrity that you have pointedly suggested may or may not be there. Plus, Cline doesn't even like dogs, so the scenario painted is moot.

I see you have also chosen to ignore a third option, which is that the entire thing was staged, to give us some great material. I'll save the definitive answer for the special "The Popcorn Trick pushes back the curtain on the show" special we have planned (if "planned" means "just thought of").

And 3.25? That's hilariously high. I wish you would give me the action on that and I could clean up, just like I cleaned up on Sunday taking the over on "number of times the camera would show McNabb on the sideline after being benched." 14.5? This is a FOX game. Their production isn't known for its subtlety.

Just be thankful Slow Cline wasn't there - that's a peak at a past/present/future no one wants. Of course, they recently hired another guy, REALLY Slow Cline, who - my god...I hesitate to think what the universe is in for if all three are working at the same time.

I do wish Cline would simply put the podcast post up - it's not like I haven't repeatedly offered help.

Did I say brief at the start of this? I'll let everyone make their own judgment as to whether or not this really is brief for me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a novel to bang my head against.