Friday, November 14, 2008

Links of Interest 11/14

Michael Cera might not want to do it, but I like when Hank Kingsley says stuff like this. Plus, all they have to do is kill George Michael in a yacht explosion in the first few minutes and everything's good. Just get a guy that kinda looks like him and film him running away from the camera.

The history of Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising can be seen here. Or you can just go to Bob and Barbara's.

You're just not American if you never played in a treehouse as a child. Of course, that playing can lead to some weird shit involving neighbors (at least it did for me). So be a little vigilant.

It's like the supermarket scene from Animal House, except depressingly real.

Who doesn't love doomsday devices? Well, except for the general population that would be destroyed by them?

This is a little frightening as I saw 2001. Not that I understood it, but it had something to do with Saturn, right?

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