Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Podcast 10.009 Recap -- Pics, Vids, Links, and More!

After more aborted beginnings than a Planned Parenthood yard sale, The Popcorn Trick finally started spurting digital chatter into your collective podholes. To ease us back into things, we tackled some broad topics and even a few topics about broads.


10+ days after the Popcorn Trick and most of their fanbase attended the Drive-By Truckers show, we kicked off the show with a live recording from that show, as captured in this video:

In case you haven't already, you can check out Goose's review of the show and my treatise on what it meant for the future of the Truckers.
As the music faded, we seamlessly rejoined the light banter our fans have come to know and envy. And we totally didn't have a better opening segment deleted due to technical difficulties, in case you were wondering.

The Best

5 months between podcasts, and we both went with something fresh in our memories for our respective The Bests.

I kicked things off recounting a late-night trip to an apparently legendary jazz club north of Harlem (not really Upper West Side as I initially though) called St. Nick's Pub (also this). Drinks were shared, stories told, business cards swapped, sandwiches made, and other people laid.

An exterior shot:

A little Latin flavor:

Not great video, but this is a decent approximation of what I remember in terms of music and visibility:

Jayne Kennedy's daughter doing some jazz vocals:

After trying to sow seeds of distrust between me and my alleged girlfriend, Goose went on to detail his The Best. You can't go wrong with the mad genius that is R. Kelly. Especially on The Popcorn Trick.

This is Kels' latest video, or as it some day may be known, Exhibit A:

A little taste of the brilliance of Trapped in the Closet:
And then,this:

Musical Interlude

We kept it broad, and directly in Goose's wheelhouse by going with songs that have horns in them. All of them, in some form or another can be listened to via this here thing:

podcast 10

Other stuff:

  • Good Onion article (mentioned by me in a deleted scene) about songs nearly ruined by saxophone.
  • Marah doing Can't Hardly Wait (sans horns):
  • Fathead has a reunion show 1/24/09 at the North Star
  • More info on the Elephant 6 collective, which includes one of Goose's choices (Neutral Milk Hotel)
  • Neutral Milk Hotel
    • Weird MS Paint video for an NMH song:
    • NMH's Jeff Mangum doing Holland, 1945:
  • Beck doing "Debra" live
  • Trailer for documentary (Dig!) about the Dandy Warhols & the Brian Jonestown Massacre:
  • Spiritualized
    • Live version of "Come Together" from earlier this year :

    • John Prine's "Sam Stone", which had a few lyrics borrowed for "Come Together"
  • Phil Collins
    • I couldn't find any clips of him acting, but here's what he looked like when he was on Miami Vice and what he sounded like when he was singing songs from Buster:

Underrated Hotties

We kept it broad, this time going with the vague concept of "Underrated Hot Chicks". Whether it was someone well known but under-lusted-after or someone who is obviously hot, but less famous, these are some of the people we would love to handcuff to our mental radiator.

  • Angela from the Office
  • Christa Miller

  • Maura Tierney
  • Jordana Brewster (DEBS - other chick)

  • Jill Ritchie (from D.E.B.S, Arrested Development, and being Kid Rock's sister)
  • Cobie Smulders
  • Jenny Lewis

  • Michelle Obama
  • Mary Steenburgen
  • Diane Kruger
  • Dana Delaney


Goose said...

Steenburgen wins!

Anonymous said...

About time you gave some Marah love around here :D

Totally agree with all your under the radar hotties too...

Cline said...

Not that it was a competition, but if it was, Inflatable R. Kelly trumps even Steenburgen.

Goose said...

Please. Inflatable R. Kelly trumps pretty much all.

hendge said...

What ... no clips, pics, behind-the-scenes insights into "Let It Ride"? What kind of weak recap post is this?

Anonymous said...

Best part of the Podcast was Cline saying how he went to see "Another Stakeout," without having seen the first one. And then explaining he had few friends.

The problem with your Under the Radar list - All those women are on the radar - except for maybe Cline's pick of Angela from the Office - Which Goose then said was a bad pick. Steenburgen, you're right, is hot - I don't think she's under the radar. She looks great for 80. Maybe you should name the list something like "girls who used to be bad looking." (Uma Thurman)

Cline said...

I searched hard for a Let it Ride trailer. Maybe the National Archives has a copy filed under "L" for "Last Time Teri Garr Was Hot"

Admittedly, our definition of Under the Radar was loose to the point of nonexistent. But even though they're mostly well-known, they aren't thought of first as sex symbols. Outside of Brewster, has any of those women made a Maxim Hot 100 or similar list of "obvious" hotties? And I would argue that Brewster has a low "radar" compared to how hot she is. It seems like the only roles she gets are B-movies and FATF sequels. Can't NBC make a mini-series about the 70s and get her some work, preferably bra-less?

Goose said...

it's not under the radar - it's underrated - women that otherwise wouldn't be brought up in a conversation when discussing hot women.

Cline said...

Here might be a good place to add your Under-whatever Hotties, jerk.

Goose said...

Are you suggesting D.E.B.S. was a B movie?

Cline said...

"B" for "Boner-inducing", yes.

Anonymous said...

I just want some rules, guidelines, or some sort of criteria when listening to these lists. You guys are everywhere at once - you can't even decide after-the-fact what the list was about.

Goose said...

the list is defined by its content.

Anonymous said...


Goose said...