Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNoWriMo Update 11/18

For any of you paying attention to my plight: 14453 words. Semblance of a weak plot. Already feel like going back and changing most of what I've already written. Have pretty much changed the voice from third person limited to third person, which is jarring in places.

But there are good things too, I think. A couple of decent lines I like. Some characters too. Some unconvention. I also have a weird "post modern" (and I hate the label too) that I've thought about doing, though it might be jarring as well. Time will tell.

I will say thing thing I hate the most is the Flesch Reading Ease Scale Googel uses in its tool. Every time I do a word count, it comes up. It's unavoidable, and now it has consumed me. I'm currently writing on a 4th grade level. It's a little humiliating.

Oh well.

To all you who are participating in this who might stumble across this. Don't give up. I'm finding that the lows are not that bad, and the highs are kind of cathartic. I doubt anyone is going to read this when I'm finished, but when I am finished I will at least be able to say I have a completed novel under my belt - an accomplishment in and of itself.

Write on.


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I'll also say this, something i didn't put in the post - writing pretty much every waking moment (with this and blog and actual you know work writing) certainly gives your brain plenty to do, and think of new ideas.