Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Links of Interest 11/11

Cool flickr set of storyboards from some movie called "The Star Wars." Anyone know if it was ever made?

A new Bond movie is coming out with what may be the worst title ever. Regardless, here's a look back at the ladies of Bond, and how they went from being little more than bikini models to empowered characters who could alter the plot. Though I do disagree with the author's suggestion about Pussy Galore and the barn scene. It's pretty obvious that she always felt attracted to him. Though I don't mind the suggestion that Bond may or may not have raped her. An international spy with a license to kill would probably feel as though he could get away with that.

Awesome awesome article about amusement parks in North Korea. Makes Action Park (if you're from the Jersey area, you know what I'm talking about) look like a day care.

2008 is almost over, so people have to start getting their "worst ideas of the year" in pretty soon. This contender is going to be tough to beat.

Mug cake!

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