Friday, November 7, 2008

Links of Interest 11/7

A list of restaurants you and I will never get a table at. (from Forbes)

I'm fairly certain this kid is not going to get laid anytime soon. Anytime you do something where the nerds can make fun of you, you're going to have problems.

It's nice to see that cops do have a sense of humor, and will allow themselves to show it now and then. Of course, I don't suggest you try something like this the next time you get a speeding ticket.

Texas has a huge hard on for Bigfoot. (from Vanity Fair)

Some lists about the end of the world can be fun - like ways aliens will destroy us, or the top ways Hollywood has destroyed Earth. However, when Discover Magazine creates a list of ways the Earth can end, it stops becoming funny and starts getting scary.

Jean Claude Van Damme has a new movie out. It's not like his others. First of all, it's about a struggling actor named Jean Claude Van Damme. (from USA Today)

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